Reports and material

Here we will collect all the studies, reports and other significant material from the project outputs.


Final report: Have we actually done anything significant?PDF(by Per-Åke Hultstedt)


Transnational Marketing Plan for MNGTCPDF (act. 2.8. in NECL II -project)
- Ppt-presenation of Transnational marketing planPDF

- same report in Swedish: Transnationell MarknadsföringsplanPDF
- ppt in SwedishPDF

Related: What about the future - comment paper by Per-Åke HultstedtPDF


Report "All pices in place": regional economic study on bottlenecks and capacity gaps on the Midnordic Green Transport Corridor (act 3.1. ENG) PDF(May 2012)
   - Same report in Swedish: "Alla pusselbitar på plats"PDF

•  Report Possibilitystudy Meråker Line, related to act. 3.1. (Möjlighetsstudie Meråkerbanan/Mittbanan, Jämtland och Västernorrlands län, 2010)PDF (2011, swe)

NECL II -report: E14 A part of the green freight corridor (act. 3.2.)PDF

NECL II -report: Accessibility to the ports in Härnösand,Timrå and Sundsvall (act.3.3.)PDF

NECL II -report: Main road 18 (act. 3.4.)PDF + Appendix: drawings and mapsPDF

+ Alternative route plan for National Road 18 between Ähtäri and JyväskyläPDF
& Appendix: maps (reserve route)PDF (both part of 3.4.)

The report Midnordic Transport StudyPDF  (part of 3.4. activity)
English summaries of the study: Flyer of the study PDF and Ppt-presentation of the studyPDF

Specialization of ports in OstrobothniaPDF (act.3.5., by Ramboll Finland 2012)

Operation of abnormal transports in OstrobothniaPDF (act. 3.5., by Ramboll Finland, 2012)

The Preparatory report: Railway terminal in port of Kaskinen, Improvement repair of Kaskinen — Seinäjoki railway and bio goods terminals along the railway linePDF (act 3.6.)

NECL II, Report activity 3.7 May 2012 Midsweden combiterminal in Ånge - environmental study and an overall description of the establishing process PDF

Report: Intermodal terminal in Östersund area - Study of technical, economic and market conditions for establishment (NECL II -report Activity 3.7.)PDF (May 2012)

Establishing possibilities for a goods delivery center in Port of KaskinenPDF (act. 3.7.)

•  Point of departure of a logistical centre in SeinäjokiPDF (Vectura 2013, all part of act. 3.7.)
- ppt-presentationPDF
- Regional logistics area of SeinäjokiPDF (2012)
- Service development of the food industry at Seinäjoki logistics centrePDF
+ summary of above studyPDF (April 2012)


    • Final report showing: PDFAnalysis of potential revenues, cargo flows and goods volumePDFsPDF (published in March 2012, act. 4.1.).

   • Final report: PDFPort Costs and Liner Ship Survey between Port of Kaskinen and Swedish PortsPDF
(published in July 2012, act.4.2)

   • Sulphur regulation in Baltic Sea region — scenarios for the Mid Nordic region, threats and opportunities PDF(NECL II report act. 4.3.)
and summaries in English, Swedish and Finnish and RussianPDF

   • Report Business plan for a liner connectionPDF (act. 4.4., Logiwin, Jan 2013) and Executive summaryPDF

   • Survey of border-crossing and intermodal issues with three transport case studiesPDF (act. 4.5., made by Logiwin Ltd, 2013)

- Action plan: Improvement of highway 13 at Nuijamaa border crossing point, LappeenrantaPDF (part of NECL II activity 4.5. Cross border issues)
- Map 1PDF
- Map 2PDF
- Detour -mapPDF
- Cost estimationPDF
- Heavy lane cost estimationPDF


WP5 :

ICT-system, Activity 1: Data management and integration
   •  Finalized with activity report availablePDF (spring 2012)

Activity 2: Optimization module
   •  Finalized with activity report available PDF(summer 2012)

Activity 3: Multi-attribute decision evaluation module
   •  Finalized with activity report availablePDF (autumn 2012)

Activity 4: Graphical user interface
   •  Finalized with activity report availablePDF (2013)

Activity 5: Demonstration, testing and documentation
•  Finalized with activity report availablePDF (2013)

Activity 6: Acceptance and commercialization
•  Finalized with activity report availablePDF (2013)
•  Market AnalysisPDF

Uppdated: 2013-12-19
Also interesting studies and material from previous NECL I -project has been collected here.

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